Friday, July 12, 2013

Series 3 / Week 1 - July 17, 2013

Hey fellas,
How are the legs and lungs feel’n? Good? Well don’t worry...the friendly folks at Team Niklas have 5 weeks of Wednesday night suffer-fests ready for ya...go get your ice packs ready ‘cause your legs are about to be cooked!

We’ll be deviating slightly from the familiar road race menu, and will be dishing up new selections of pain with extra helpings of searing lung ;)

Starting with this coming Wednesday (July 17th), we’ve got a long-course crit/circuit race lined up. But what’s so tough about that you ask? Well, in this race, once you’ve completed the designated number of laps and are preparing to sprint for glory, be sure to keep a little extra in the tank because the “finishing straight” is actually an 8km uphill sprint (muhahhahaha!). But seriously...don’t blow up too early - that would suck. 

Below is a map of the course:

View WNS Niklas Group Circuit Race - July 17, 2013 in a larger map

Here’s how the races will go down...
Each group completes X number of laps of the 2km circuit (riding clockwise), then on the bell lap turn left (heading East) up Old Banff Coach Road and pedal like hell for the next 8 km to the uphill finish line just before Artist’s View Drive.

6:30PM - “C Group” Starts.  6 laps of the circuit + uphill sprint

6:50PM - “B Group” Starts. 10 laps of the circuit + uphill sprint

7:30PM - “A Group” Starts. 16 laps of the circuit + uphill sprint

Race Start & Finish:
Race starts on Commercial Drive and finishes at Artist's View Drive.

 There will be ample parking at the Springbank Middle School and Elbow Valley Elementary School parking lots. Watch out for fast moving traffic as you enter/exit the lot.

Stay tuned for details of the next race. Its gonna be seriously fast, seriously fun, and we promise it will be completely different from any WNS race you’ve done before...


Marc said...

Hi Robert,

I have some concerns about the proposed course. The crit circuit looks great however the uphill sprint is potentially asking for trouble. Where the course crosses the range road there is a stop sign. There is fast moving traffic on that road. Also I frequently ride Old Banff Coach Road where there is no shoulder and blind corners. I make sure any ride I do through there is done in single file which is obviously difficult to do in a race.

I hope there is a way to salvage the concept of the crit then sprint but i really think crossing a stop sign and OBCR should be scrapped.

Marc Enter

Team Niklas said...

Hey Marc. We are going to rethink the sprint. We will figure something out tomorrow and post it.