Wednesday, July 17, 2013

***UPDATE*** Series 3 / Week 1 - July 17, 2013

Thanks to Marc Enter who noted that an intersection on the course, where Old Banff Coach crosses a Range Road, is controlled in only one simply bombing through it would mean a slight probability of death - not cool.

As a result we've decided to nix the uphill finish, and stick with our super fast long-crit/circuit course for tonight's race. For those of you who get a little antsy about the thought of crit racing (ie: tight corners, crash barriers, etc),  this is your crit race! The 2km course is very safe given its width,  total lack of potholes and other obstacles, as well as grassy run-offs through out.  Factor in some wide sweeping turns and smooth asphalt, and this circuit looks to be wicked fast! 

Below is the course map:

So here’s how tonight’s modified race will go down... 

6:30PM - “C Group” Starts.  20min + 1 lap

7:00PM - “B Group” Starts. 30min + 1 lap

7:40PM - “A Group” Starts. 40min + 1 lap

Will there be Primes?
Yep. There might be a few of these ;)

So that's the new format. Tonight's race will be an awesome opportunity to test out some new tactics, get some crit experience without worrying about nasty crashes, or simply get in a serious quality workout. We'll have a quick pre-race briefing before the start of each race to go over the finer details, however feel free to post your questions or concerns in the comments section below.

See you tonight!


Team Niklas said...


Team Niklas said...

Also noticed the other day that there is a ton of parking available at the church....

Marc said...

This will be just as awesome without the hill climb bit! Looking forward to it!

Marc said...

Argh! This cough I woke up with this morning hasn't buggered off... no racing for me tonight :(

Aplatten said...

Are we canceling tonight or no (because of weather)?

mikehealy said...

Awesome racing tonight - great course and great marshaling and organization. Thanks Team Niklas.

Team Niklas said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for braving the ominous weather and making it out to the first race of series 3. In the end the sun was shining and it was totally amazing. We were pretty happy with the course and hope that you all enjoyed racing it. We are thinking of doing another race here before the year is out with the hope of having more riders out. let us know your thoughts and feedback as it is much appreciated.

Big thanks to all the volunteers who did an awesome job marshalling and keeping the course safe. Thanks Bob, Carlos, Gavin and Rob. Also, huge high fives to Peter from C4 who made it out to help with the overall coordination.

Well, Jillian, myself and the kids leave on Sunday for our year long adventure in Mexico. I will be sad to miss the rest of the WNS...but at the same time I am looking forward to riding in the Sierra Madres in Decemeber while you are all freezing :)

That all being said, we would love to have any or all of you join us throughout the off season on any one of our cycling tours. Also note that we have tours for all ability of rider. It is not all about the hammering but more about the enjoyment of the ride. Feel free to check out more details at

All the best and safe riding!

Joel Goralski

Team Niklas said...

Hmmm.... guess I didn't need that extra glass of wine as it affected my spelling... our website