Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Series-3 Wk2 - RESULTS July 24, 2013

Another successful evening, beating the odds with the weather.  Hail to the south, and a tornado touchdown in Okotoks, it was a good choice to ride the west end of town.

Tonight was a different ride, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 

Here are the results:
Team 6
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
1 Dan Barker Team Niklas B 20
1 Callum Galbraith C4 B 20
1 Brent Thumlert STC B 20
1 Ryan Lemiski Speed Theory C 20
Team 4
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
2 Lawrence Zalasky Speed Theory B 15
2 Meghan Brown Speed Theory C 15
2 Jeremy Kitson C4 B 15
2 Willy Van Sevenant Natural High Cycling Club C 15
Team 2
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
3 Michael Scheck C4 A 12
3 Dawn Heinemeyer C4 C Peter 17
3 Glenn Miles C4 B 12
3 Andres Perdomo Speed Theory C 12
Team 3
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
4 Stephen Kenny SpeedTheory A 10
4 Ania Bergmann Speed Theory C Ingrid 15
4 Dan Alboiu Speed Theory Cycling Team C 10
4 Brad Barron C4 C 10
Team 5
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
5 Clarence Poon Speed Theory B 9
5 Daryl Beatty Speed Theory Cycling B 9
5 Brian Kozak C4 C 9
5 Andrew Hill C4 C 9
Team 1
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
6 Marc Enter STC A 8
6 Jenn Turcott ST C 8
6 Blake Bartlett Speed Theory C 8

The first lap was timed.  As you can see, the times are close, so the teams were well picked.

Team First Lap Time
1 06:25
2 06:20
3 06:26
4 06:22
5 06:24
6 06:27

Thanks as always to the many volunteers, and to Rob Welsh and Cody Godlonton who helped with organizing.

Volunteers Club Points
Cody Godlonton Team Niklas 5
Robert Welch Team Niklas 5
Bob Bruce Team Niklas 5


Jeremy Kitson said...

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know the missing info for me for team 4:

Name is Jeremy Kitson, Club is C4 and I was in Category B. I did put this on the sign up sheet.

Peter Heinemeyer said...

I see that now Jeremy. All fixed.